11" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe

SKU: HDUC1100PG1000
Color: Gray


GF Harvel PVC Duct pipe is extruded from GF Harvel’s own custom blend of dark-gray-colored Type I, Grade I, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) compound with a Cell Classification of 12454B per ASTM D1784 (PVC 1120). GF Harvel PVC Duct can safely carry a maximum service temperature of 140°F. GF Harvel PVC Duct is chemically resistant to most acids, bases, salts, aliphatic solutions, oxidants, and halogens. Unlike metallics, vapor phase or liquid-vapor phase corrosion is generally less aggressive with thermoplastics than the liquid phase corrosion. When in question, testing must be conducted under actual use conditions to verify compatibility. Detailed chemical resistance data is available and should be referenced for proper material selection.

Additional Information

MPN HDUC1100PG1000
Inventory Type DS
Manufacturer Georg Fischer
Type Duct Pipe
Size (in.) 11
Weight per Foot (lbs. / ft.) 3.944
Length (ft.) 10
Wall Thickness (in.) 0.187
Material PVC
Maximum Temperature 140° F (60° C)
Color Gray
Technical Data