Class 125 Fittings

Class 125 fittings are a subclass of schedule 40 large diameter PVC fittings. They are a more cost effective option suited for handling fluid systems with lower overall pressure. Class 125 PVC fittings differ from standard schedule 40 in their approved maximum pressure rating and associated purchase cost. They are manufactured to schedule 40 dimensions but do not undergo the same pressure test prior to distribution. Therefore Class 125 fittings are not certified to the same max working pressure. This is the single manufacturing difference between schedule 40 and Class 125 PVC fittings and contributes to their lower purchase price. Class 125 fittings are pressure rated up to 125 PSI, and for temperature handling, are heat rated up to 140 degrees F (60°C). Class 125 fittings come in socket by socket connections suitable for one piece mold glue fitting with primer and cement. They are offered in 10” and 12” diameter sizes. The lower pressure rating of Class 125 fittings makes them perfect for large size plumbing applications that will experience less pressure in the piping system. For acceptable work applications, use of Class 125 PVC can help recognize significant cost savings as they are cheaper than traditional schedule 40 fittings. Class 125 fittings are stocked and available in tees, elbows, couplings, reducer bushings and caps. Purchase discounts are available for Class 125 couplings, bushings and caps when ordered in bulk quantities.