Strainers are designed and installed in a piping system for removing unwanted debris or particles from the media flowing through the system. PVC Strainers resist rust and corrosion therefor maintaining the systems integrity for a long life span. Strainers are manufactured in ways to fit specific applications for many different jobs. PVC Strainers are used in the food, oil, water, chemical and paint industries. These industries rely heavily on having a clean media for their product to meet the standards set by the industry. PVC strainers are manufactured with socket, threaded, or flanged connections for ease of hookup. These strainers range in size from ½” up to 8” depending on the model of the strainer. The strainers are available in PVC, CPVC, single basket units, double basket units and the Y-strainer option. The strainers are equipped with perforated baskets and come 1 basket with the simplex units and 2 baskets with the duplex units.
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