Pipe strainers are in-line plumbing devices designed for installation in piping systems to remove unwanted debris or particles from the media flowing through the system. Pipe strainers serve as plumbing filters to help clean and prevent clogs within flow operation systems, components, loop connections and end point uses. Strainers are manufactured in various ways to match the specific application needs of many different jobs. PVC Pipe Supplies offers the industry’s top of the line strainer types and options by North American manufacturers Hayward Flow Control® and Eaton®.

Available strainer materials include plastic strainers made from PVC, CPVC or Eastar® and metal strainers made from bronze, carbon steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. Available plumbing strainer types include basket strainers, y strainers (also known as wye strainers), true union strainers, simplex strainers and the top end duplex strainer model. Duplex strainers allow for continued system operation during screen removal.

All strainers feature a removable, internal mesh screen or basket unless requested without. Screens can be made from plastic PVC or CPVC, stainless steel, Monel or Hastelloy. Screen sizes range from 1/36 inches up to 3/16 inches with the option for fine mesh liners or perforated baskets. Strainer plumbing sizes range from 3/8 inch up to 18 inches in diameter. Available seal / gasket materials include EPDM, Viton, FPM and Buna. Pipe strainer connection styles are threaded, flange, socket and socket threaded for easy hookup.

Plastic models - PVC strainers, CPVC, and Eastar® strainers - effectively resist rust and corrosion and therefore help maintain the integrity of plumbing systems and promotes a longer total life span for the application and material. Pipe strainers are frequently used in the food, oil, water, chemical and paint industries, with plastic strainer type models often preferred. Strainers are chosen for use in these industries that must rely on a clean media so their products can meet the standards that are set by regulations.