Actuated Ball Valves

Actuated ball valves are rotating ball pipe valves that come without turn handles to allow installation of an actuator device. These valves are used together with an actuator to automate valve opening and closing and therefore control plumbing fluid rates. Our actuated ball valves are ready for use with electric, hydraulic and pneumatic (air) type actuators. The valves are not suitable for use without an actuator and must be fitted with one for operation. They come without mounting kits to allow compatibility across actuator models and brands as mounting kits are specific to actuator types. ISO 5211 mounting pads are available that can provide direct mounting of the valve to your intended actuator device.

Our actuated ball valves are USA manufactured by Hayward® from PVC or CPVC. Hayward® actuated ball valves come in single True Union or 3 Way True Union style that provide secure plumbing joints. Sizes range from 1/2” to 6” fitting diameters. Actuator valve connection types are flange, threaded, socket, or socket with thread. The valves feature an integrated foot pad that allows versatile installation such as on skids or panels. Both PVC and CPVC actuator valves are made to ASTM D1784 and ANSI / NSF 61 standards acceptable for use in potable (drinking) water handling. They are certified lead free plumbing per ANSI / NSF 372 and the Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA).

All actuated valves come with FPM rubber gasket seals for high chemical and mechanical resistance. Double o ring FPM Viton gasket stem seals are standard with EPDM rubber type o rings available for scenarios where FPM may not be compatible. Valves feature reversible valve seats manufactured from high durability PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene; Teflon™). Available actuator valve options include extensions to the valve head stem length, handle spring return, lockout tagout mechanism plate, and manual limit switches.

For more on the actuated ball valve, review our What are Actuated Ball Valves post in the resource center.

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