Natural PVDF KYNAR Fittings

Choose from our full selection of natural PVDF Kynar fittings for use in complete PVDF pipework applications. Available natural PVDF fittings are manufactured by Nibco® and part of the premium Chemtrol® line. Natural PVDF Kynar is a high grade thermoplastic with superior resistance to temperatures, chemicals, ultraviolet (UV) exposure, radiation, permeation and microbial growth. PVDF is noted for extremely low extractables and increased resistance against abrasion, weathering, dielectric interference and thermal energy transfer. Natural PVDF Kynar fittings are white in color, additive free and make a superior choice for high purity, food grade and strict hygiene type work scenarios. They are certified and ideal for use with ultrapure water, deionized water, potable water, food and beverage ingredients, pharmaceutical materials and the aggressive, corrosive or hazardous chemicals often used in plating, electronics, CPI, nuclear reactor and waste applications. We have available online for sale natural PVDF fittings in 3 way tees, 45° turn elbows, 90° turn elbows, adapters, bushings, caps, couplings, flanges, nipples, plugs and unions. They are made to schedule 80 dimensions and come in NPS sizes from 1/2" up to 6" depending on the fitting type.