CPVC Duct Fittings

Full selection of performance CPVC duct fittings for superior handling of air, exhaust ventilation and fumes in ductwork systems. Harrison® brand CPVC ductwork fittings available online from PVC Pipe Supplies are an industry leading choice for quality, reliability and resistance against chemicals, corrosion and aggressive environments. CPVC duct fittings are suitable for open air systems only. Duct is not intended for liquids or pressurized gas applications. CPVC duct fittings are rated for service temperatures between 32°F and 200°F (0°C - 93°C). They are commonly used in industrial HVAC applications for new constructions. Available CPVC duct fittings are suited for use in commercial, residential HVAC systems, chemical process control, emission collection equipment such as fume hoods and fume scrubbers, manufacturing plants, medical facilities and many others. Compared to PVC duct, CPVC duct fittings have superior chemical resistance properties. Versus metal ductwork, CPVC duct resists rust, is lighter in weight, easier to support and install, and offers a longer, more cost effective service life for handling air as well as many common fumes and chemical gases.

Available Harrison® CPVC ductwork is manufactured using Corzan® Type IV, Grade 1 rigid, virgin chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). Corzan® CPVC materials are within Cell Class 23447 per ASTM D1784 standards. Harrison Machine and Plastic® is a company with over 50 years experience producing durable, consistent, long lasting and cost effective CPVC duct fittings. CPVC duct fittings have high tensile strength, a high modulus of elasticity with low thermal conductivity and electrical conductance. CPVC ducting pipe fittings are tested and report excellent fire and smoke spread resistance. They meet ASTM E-84, ULCS 102.2, UL-723 and UL-94 standards for flame spread rating of 25 or less and a smoke generation of 50 or less for use in return air plenums.

CPVC ductwork fittings are dark grey in color. Fittings come in iron pipe size (IPS) extruded, round duct. CPVC duct comes in IPS sizes from 2" up to 24" and will depend on fitting type. Larger diameter fittings are available on request and can be provided in sizes up to 60" (5 feet) fabricated from rolled stock. Contractor pricing is available to meet contractor job needs. It is recommended to solvent weld systems up to 14" in diameter. A heavy bodied CPVC cement and primer is recommended for installation. Hot air welding is recommended for CPVC duct systems above 14". Available CPVC duct fittings include 45 degree elbows, 90 degree elbows, duct tees, duct wyes, true wye duct fittings, rigid and flex hose duct couplers, duct caps, CPVC pipe hangers, butterfly dampers, blastgates, duct flanges, blind flanges, exhaust hoods, rainskirts, style A rain caps and style B rain caps.