Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are low profile, on and off flow control plumbing valves. This valve type features an internal disc, or wing, that opens and closes 90 degrees about a center axis. The butterfly valve is engineered to remain locked in position as it is opened or closed along its range of motion. This unique design allows plumbing flow to be started, stopped or restricted as needed for regulating the delivery of liquids or gases in pipe systems. The increased ability of butterfly valves to control flow makes them ideal choices for pipelines that often experience needs in repair, maintenance cleaning, or changes to plumbing orientation. Butterfly valves are highly effective in industrial applications due to their durability, corrosion resistance, functional ease of use and range of operation. This valve type is frequently chosen for use in chemical handling and processing, in manufacturing plants, water purification, industrial wastewater control, irrigation, food lines, high pressure scenarios, swimming pools, aquatics, aquariums and space restricted applications.

Butterfly valves are available in three main styles: lever handle, gear operated and lug. Butterfly valves come with either a grip-button lever or gear reduction turn handle that is used for valve operation and actuation. Levered butterfly valves are also known as quarter turn valves and have been engineered to fully open and close with only a 90 degree (i.e. quarter) turn of the lever. The lever type butterfly valve features an easy to use grip-button handle that stays in place when released and are best suited for smaller diameter piping and low stress applications. Geared butterfly valves feature a spigot type turn handle with internal gears that work together to open or close the valve disc. Gear butterfly valves are best suited for medium to large diameter pipe and high stress scenarios. Lug butterfly valves feature dedicated bolt attachment / lug locations. These allow one side of the valve to remain attached and the other disconnected for making pipeline maintenance, repair or adjustments. Lug type butterfly valves also come in actuator ready models without a lever or handle to prime them for installation with an actuator.

In butterfly valves, we provide some of the industry’s best brands, offering Hayward butterfly valves as well as Red Flag and Georg Fischer butterfly valves. The valves are available in sizes from 2” up to 12”. Non-standard sizes up to 24" are available on request. Our butterfly vavles are manufactured from high strength, corrosion resistant thermoplastic PVC or CPVC rated for up to 150 PSI (10.3 bar) @ 70 ˚F (21 ˚C). Polypropylene and PVDF butterfly valves can be provided on request. Butterfly valve disc materials are either PVC, CPVC or PP (polypropylene) with valve seats offered in EPDM, Viton or Nitrile. Valve stems are made from 316 stainless steel. The materials used in butterfly valve production are approved per NSF / ANSI 61 and 51 standards that certify them for potable water use and as lead free plumbing. Butterfly valve are installed using flange or stud pack type connections. Many of our butterfly valves come with 2 year manufacturer warranties.