Furniture PVC Fittings

Choose from the widest selection of professional furniture grade PVC fittings and colors guaranteed to match your project needs. Furniture grade PVC fittings are designed to build reliable and durable projects, crafts, equipment and structures with plastic pipework that is lightweight, easy to handle and install. We offer premium quality, high gloss, C&S® furniture pipe fittings. C&S® fittings are manufactured with heavy duty impact strength and UV sunlight resistance to deliver long lasting performance. Our furniture fittings are special formulated for outdoor use and do not become brittle or discolor like traditional PVC pipe and fittings or low quality furniture PVC, neither do they shatter as easily.

We offer cross fittings, 5 way crosses (side outlet crosses), tees, 4 way tees (side outlet tees), slip tees, elbows, 3 way elbows (side outlet 90° fittings), flat caps and internal couplings. Available furniture fittings come in a wide selection of colors from white, black, gray, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, purple and clear. These fitting types are free of any labels, codes or markings, making them perfect for use with a clean, finished look. They are perfect for use in constructing outdoor furniture, medical furniture and equipment, emergency containment structures, temporary structures and nursery or greenhouse type structures.

Furniture grade fitting sizes are available to match furniture pipe sizes and range from ¼” up to 2 ½” in nominal pipe size (NPS). Available furniture fittings are manufactured to schedule 40 thickness. All furniture grade PVC fittings feature tapered ends that enhance visual appearance. Prices for furniture fittings depend on the select fitting type. Cost‘s range from $1 to $6. They are available for purchase in single quantity up to box quantities. Box size quantities feature wholesale discounts depending on number of fittings purchased. Furniture grade fittings are not National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved. This means they should not be used for plumbing applications involving drinking water. They are suitable for use in irrigation, sprinkler systems, aquaponics and other non-regulated, non-pressurized applications.