Flow Meters

Pipe flow meters are used to monitor plumbing system flow rates and measure total volume. A gauge flow meter is important in daily operations that need to track fluids in applications and piping runs. They are used for scenarios with variable viscosity, pressure, peak flow rates and where precise accuracy is required by the job. We offer Blue White flow meters in composite with 316 stainless steel to all plastic flow meters to match work needs and corrosive environments. Available pipe flow meters are made from acrylic, polysulfone or PVDF material types. Flow meter costs range from $85 up to $1548.

Flow meters are available for installation on pipe sizes from 1/4” up to 12”. They can be mounted in line, saddle mounted, or panel mounted. We offer Blue White flow meters in mechanical or digital types. Accurate readouts are given on the respective flow meter with digital being the easiest to read and most precise. Mechanical flow meters have markings on the body that indicates flow measurement. Digital flow meters can show a unique flow rate, rate total or both rate and total for a specified time range when choosing a flow meter with totalizer. Digital Flow meters have the option to allow batch processing, create flow rate alarms, and control chemical metering.

Blue and White flow meters are available to provide readings in gallons per minute (GPM) or liters per minute (LPM). GPM / LPM flow rates range from 0.1 GPM / 0.38 LPM up to 8000 GPM / 30283 LPM. Flow meter rate working range is directly related to pipe size and diameter. Flow rate accuracy ranges from +/- 1% up to +/- 5%. The Blue White® F-1000™, F-2000™ and Micro Flo™ meters are our most precise with a programmable digital read out up to four (4) decimal places and with flow rate totalizer. The Blue White flow meter is often used for water flow meters, chemicals, food and beverage ingredients, oil, diesel and production materials used in manufacturing and batch processes.