Y Strainers

Professional grade Y Strainers (also known as wye strainers) are engineered for compact performance plumbing filtration of media lines. We offer Hayward® PVC Y Strainers and CPVC Y Strainers that offer industry leading quality, durability and reliability in fluid filtration activity. Y Strainers are installed in-line and in loop flow configurations in plumbing and process media flow systems. Y Strainers are used to remove undesired materials within the plumbing fluid and provide protection of downstream piping system components from damage or clogging. The Y Strainer is effective in removing dirt, rust, debris, scale, sediment or other undissolved application particles. Y Strainers are used to keep such media contaminates from reaching potentially sensitive and/or expensive equipment and reduce the effectiveness, purity and/or lifespan of the total operating system. Common equipment that Y Strainers are used for include pumps, compressors, condensers, heat exchangers, turbines, spray nozzles, meters, sensors and gauges.

Y Strainers are suitable for use in many applications and scenarios. They are often used in water purification systems, wastewater treatment facilities, landfills, chemical production, pharmaceutical research and synthesis, laboratories, universities, medical institutes, food ingredient handling, beverage processing, aquariums, zoos, water parks, swimming pools and recreation centers, marine environments, industrial services and manufacturing plants. Our Y Strainers are suitable and often used for handling many corrosive materials and chemicals that are compatible with PVC or CPVC.

Y Strainers are engineered with several design features that offers benefits over other pipe strainer types. They are compact, lightweight and can often be supported by the pipeline installation alone, allowing them to work and be installed where other strainer types often cannot. Y Strainers are designed with a 45° angle turn out that holds the filter screen basket and collects unwanted debris that may flow through system plumbing fluid. The Y Strainer is suitable for either horizontal or vertical installation while other strainers are limited to horizontal or near horizontal installation only. When used vertically, Y Strainers must be positioned with the screen located down for the filter basket screen to work correctly. They come with an easy-to-read flow direction indicator for fail-proof installation and easier maintenance. Y Strainers have a 2-to-1 (2:1) open area ratio that provides greater service handling. To clean Y Strainer baskets, the plumbing feed line must be shut down prior, unless a blow-out valve has been added. Y Strainers feature a hex style screw cap that delivers direct, easy access to the screen chamber as needed.

Available Y Strainers are made in the USA by ISO 9001 certified manufacturer Hayward Flow Control® and are Hayward's® YS Series model strainer. Hayward® Y Strainers are made from premium PVC, clear PVC or CPVC thermoplastic materials. PVDF Y Strainers are available on request, with some options available here. PVC and clear PVC Y Strainers are fabricated from Cell Class 12454 PVC per ASTM D1784 standards and rated up to 140°F (60°C) temperature maximum. CPVC Y strainers are fabricated from Cell Class 23447 CPVC per ASTM D1784 and rated up to 200°F (93°C) temperature maximum. They are pressure rated to 150 PSI at 70°F (10 Bar at 21°C) non-shock.

Standard Y Strainer basket screens come with a 1/32" size perforation. Screens come standard in all plastic PVC, CPVC or PP construction material. Various basket screen options are available on request in many different sizes as well as alloy materials. Screen size options for plastic screens include perforated screens from 1/32" to 3/16". For metal alloy screens, available metals include stainless steel (SSTL), Hastelloy®, Monel® or titanium in either perforated screens from 1/32" up to 3/8" or mesh screens from 20 up to 325 mesh. Contact us to request these Y Strainer options.

Y Strainers come in either gray, light gray or clear (translucent) in color. Sizes for Y Strainers range from 1/2" up to 4" in pipe connection diameter. Gasket and O-ring seals are double O-ring stems that come in FPM standard with EPDM available. Y Strainer components are assembled using silicone free lubricants. Y Strainers come in flanged, threaded, socket and true union type connection styles. PVDF Y Strainers can also come in socket fusion type ends for iron pipe size (IPS) schedule 40 / 80 or for SDR 21 / 33 pipe systems.

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