CPVC Duct Pipe

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  • 2" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-02
  • 3" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-03
  • 4" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-04
  • 6" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-06
  • 6" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe
  • 8" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-08
  • 8" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe
  • 10" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-10
  • 10" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe
  • 12" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-12
  • 12" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe
  • 14" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-14
  • 14" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe
  • 16" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-16
  • 16" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe
  • 18" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-18
  • 18" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe
  • 20" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-20
  • 20" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe
  • 24" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe, 1833-PP1-24
  • 24" x 10' CPVC Duct Pipe

21 Items

Premium CPVC duct pipe available online engineered for superior handling of air, fume, corrosive and exhaust applications. Available CPVC duct is seamless, round, lightweight ducting pipe manufactured by Georg Fischer Harvel. GF Harvel® CPVC duct pipe is ideal for controlling and directing exhaust and HVAC ventilation systems, process vapors / gases, and liquid phase type vapors. CPVC ductwork often provides improved performance over PVC and metal ductwork for chemical and corrosive type fumes and aggressive environments. GF Harvel® duct pipe is thin wall duct and therefore, lighter, more labor friendly and easier to handle and install. CPVC ducting pipe is most used for industrial HVAC systems, food processing plants, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, chemical production and general vapor mitigation. They are ideal for use with fume hoods, scrubbing equipment and return air plenums.

Georg Fischer Harvel CPVC duct pipe has been designed to yield significant cost savings for the lifespan of ventilation systems. GF Harvel® CPVC duct type and brand is engineered with increased flammability properties, resistance against sustained combustion, high tensile strength and modulus of elasticity over applicable service temperatures. GF Harvel® CPVC duct offers superior corrosion and chemical resistance, reduced product weight, low thermal absorption and electrical conductance. CPVC ductwork pipe is chemically resistant and suitable for use with most weak acids, many strong acids, strong and weak bases, many halogen and aliphatic chemicals, oxidants, strong oxidants and is suited for ionic, salt compounds.

Available GF Harvel® CPVC duct is ISO 9001 manufactured using Type IV, Grade I Cell Class 23447 CPVC. It is tested and approved per ASTM D1784 standards and is a FM 4910 duct material. GF Harvel CPVC ducting pipe is made in the USA from top quality Lubrizol Corzan® materials sourced within the USA. It meets ASTM E-84, ULCS 102.2, UL-723 and UL-94 tests for maximum flame spread rating of 25 or less and maximum smoke rating of 50. These ratings make GF Harvel® CPVC duct acceptable for use in air plenums. CPVC duct pipe has a minimum and maximum, constant temperature rating of 32°F - 200°F (0°C - 93°C). Ducting temperatures consistently below or above these thresholds can lead to duct damage or loss of integrity.

GF Harvel CPVC duct pipe is available in IPS sizes 6" to 24" in single 20 foot pipe length sections. We offer CPVC duct pipe in many of the most commonly used ductwork sizes. They include 6 inch duct, 8 inch duct, 10 inch duct and 12 inch duct. CPVC ducting pipe is seamlessly extruded up to 24". Seamless extrusion provides uniformity in pipe surface and stability. Large diameter CPVC ductwork is fabricated from rolled stock in sizes up to 60" (5 feet) and is available on request. GF Harvel® duct is easy to install due to its low weight and many suitable joining methods. Suitable joining methods include solvent welding with primer and cement, hot air welding, extrusion welding, hot plate welding, thermoforming, and mechanical type connections such as with couplings or link seals. Solvent welding is recommended on duct systems up to 14" and hot air welding or other method recommended for systems above 14" diameter. When solvent welding, an extra heavy bodied CPVC solvent cement is recommended.

Contractor pricing is available and encouraged for bulk orders on ducting pipe. We can also provide quotes for bid project estimates. For large diameter CPVC duct pipe, contact us.