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CPVC Duct Pipe

Clear PVC PipeCPVC thin wall duct pipe is used for air / exhaust applications. The pipe is made with lightweight thin wall CPVC and makes large jobs labor friendly because of its weight. CPVC Duct pipe is to be used only on open air systems, they are not suited for liquid handling or pressure situations. CPVC duct pipe has higher impact strengths and great fire resistant properties. CPVC duct pipe is rated to handle temperatures up to 200 degrees F. Most commonly used in industrial HVAC applications for new constructions. The sizes range from 2” up to 24” in diameter. CPVC duct pipe has excellent chemical resistance to most fumes, gases, and media. Standard CPVC cement and primer can be used for installation. It is recommended to CPVC weld these systems with large diameter sizes. The pipe is manufactured in 10’ and 20’ sections.

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9 Item(s)