PVC Duct Pipe

  • 2" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-02
  • 3" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-03
  • 4" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-04
  • 5" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-05
  • 6" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe
  • 6" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-06
  • 7" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe
  • 7" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-07
  • 8" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe
  • 8" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-08
  • 9" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe
  • 9" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-09
  • 10" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe
  • 10" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-10
  • 11" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe
  • 11" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-11
  • 12" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe
  • 12" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-12
  • 14" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe
  • 14" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-14
  • 16" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe
  • 16" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-16
  • 18" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe
  • 18" x 10' PVC Duct Pipe, 1033-PP1-18

PVC duct pipe available for use in air, fume and exhaust type applications. We provide Georg Fischer Harvel seamless, round PVC duct pipe. GF Harvel PVC duct pipe is ideally suited for handling process vapors, liquid-vapors, fumes and air in industrial, institutional and laboratory corrosive and non-corrosive scenarios. Compared to metal piping, PVC duct pipe resists corrosion and degradation from chemicals that often attack metallic pipe. GF Harvel ductwork pipe is extruded to thin wall specifications to make the pipe lighter in weight and therefore more labor friendly than standard PVC pipe. Our PVC duct pipe is commonly used in industrial HVAC use, construction jobs, chemical and lab applications, power plants, manufacturing facilities, medical scenarios and more.

GF Harvel duct pipe is made from Type I, Grade I PVC to specifications that meet or exceed necessary industry standards and regulations. This duct pipe is made in the USA from USA sourced materials by an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. The PVC type used in production is 12454 cell classification certified to ASTM D1784 requirements. GF Harvel duct pipe maintains a maximum flame spread index of 25 or less and a flammability rating of V-0, making them suitable for necessary applications. They are ULC S102.2 and UL 94 tested and approved for flammability and control. PVC duct pipe has a safe minimum and maximum constant temperature rating of 32°F - 140°F (0°C - 60°C).

Available PVC duct pipe comes in IPS sizes from 2" up to 24" in diameter. They are dark gray in color. Pipe length comes in 20 foot sections. PVC duct up to 24" is seamless to provide pipe uniformity in surface and stability. Contact us if different lengths or larger diameter piping is required. We can provide PVC ductwork in sizes up to 60" (5 feet) in diameter. All large diameter ducting pipe will consist of a single buttwelded seam performed under computer guided temperature and pressure. For storage and handling, PVC duct pipe should not be dropped, have heavy objects dropped on top of nor stored under heavy items. To store outside, keep PVC duct pipe beneath a non transparent covering. It is not recommended to store PVC ductwork near heat producing machinery or equipment. These recommendations are given to best maintain pipe integrity for installation and use.

Georg Fischer Harvel PVC duct pipe can provide significant cost savings over the lifespan of well designed ventilation systems. This pipe type and brand is manufactured and engineered to retain a high tensile strength and modulus of elasticity over an applicable temperature service range. GF Harvel duct offers benefits of increased corrosion inhibition, chemical resistance, low weight, low heat conductance, good electrical properties and is easy to handle and install. PVC ducting pipe offers reliable chemical resistance against many bases (caustics), acids, ionic / salts, oxidants, halogen compounds and aliphatic solutions.

GF Harvel duct pipe is easy to install due to its reduced weight and availability of joining methods. Suitable joining methods include solvent welding with primer and cement, hot air welding, extrusion welding, hot plate welding, thermoforming, and mechanical type connection such as with couplings or link seals.

Contractor pricing is available and encouraged for bulk orders. We also provide quotes for bid project estimates. Get the PVC duct pipe needed to suit any work case need and to complete any construction job.