Levered Butterfly Valves

Levered butterfly valves are also known as wafer butterfly valves due to their thin body design. This valve type features an internal butterfly style flow control disc and a hand operated grip lever capable of locking in position when turned and released. Lever operated butterfly valves have a 90 degree range of motion between being fully open or fully closed. Lever valves feature either a 9 or 19 stopping position throttle plate depending on manufacturer and series model. The various stopping positions of the lever butterfly valve provides a reliable, although not precise, method to regulate pipe flow rate and delivery. These pipe valve types are easy to open, easy to close and versatile. They are frequently used across liquid and media plumbing systems and their various service components. Lever butterfly valves are ideal for handling aggressive, abrasive media, corrosive chemicals, viscous materials and controlling plumbing system flow rates. Our lever butterfly valves are high performance, streamlined, easy to operate flow control valves with high corrosion resistance and chemical tolerance.

Our butterfly lever valves are USA manufactured by Hayward Flow Control®, Georg Fischer Harvel®, and Red Flag®. Hayward butterfly valves are available in PVC or CPVC in sizes from 2” to 8”. GF butterfly valves come in PVC from 2” up to 12” in diameter. Red Flag in PVC up to 8 inches. Liner materials can be EPDM, Viton or Nitrile. Butterfly disc materials can be PVC, CPVC or PP on request. These valves are fabricated from PVC cell class 12454, CPVC cell class 23447 or PP cell class 8558. In design, they feature ergonomic hand grip levers with UV inhibitors, lock outs, position indicators, hydrodynamic valve discs, one piece stainless steel stems and molded in lug holes. Lever operated butterfly valves are pressure tested to 150 PSI (10 bar) @ 70°F non shock across available sizes. PVC valves are rated for use up to 140°F (60°C). CPVC valves up to 200 F (93°C), and polypropylene valves up to 180 F (82°C).

PVC and CPVC valves are made to ASTM D1784 and polypropylene valves per ASTM D4101 standards. These valves meet ANSI B16.10, ISO 5752 and ISO 5211 for plumbing compatibility and stem drive requirements. All lever operated butterfly valves are engineered for direct system integration with ANSI 125 or PN10 flange patterns suited for horizontal and vertical pipe installation. They are compatible with stud pack installation and can be ordered with overmolded 316 stainless steel lugs for dead end use scenarios and maintenance needs. Valve fabrication and production materials meet ASTM and NSF certifications for quality and potable water use.

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2" Butterfly Valve, closed, 17020
2" Butterfly Valve, 17020 17020

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2" PVC Butterfly Valve, 161 563 002
2" PVC Butterfly Valve, 161 563 002 161 563 002

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2 1/2" PVC Butterfly Valve, 161 563 003
2 1/2" PVC Butterfly Valve, 161 563 003 161 563 003

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2 1/2" Butterfly Valve, closed, 17025
2 1/2" Butterfly Valve, 17025 17025

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