Lug Butterfly Valves

Lug butterfly valves are a specific category of butterfly valve designed for making tight-fitting, flange-type connections using lugs, bolts and nuts. The lug butterfly valve features additional lug ports for increasing the valve’s connectivity to adjacent piping. Lug butterfly valves function much like true union valves due to their ability to allow disconnection between either of the adjacent pipes. The lug butterfly valve allows system plumbing to be taken apart at the valve location for maintenance, cleaning, repair or replacement to be performed when needed. One set of bolts maintains a tight seal between an adjacent flange while the other set can be removed for pipe access. Lug butterfly valves are often used in water handling scenarios such as treatment, cleaning, wastewater and other aquatic systems such as aquariums, pools and water parks. Other common applications include chemical handling and process, product manufacturing, mining, marine environments, landfills and metal plating.

As a butterfly valve, the lug type provides a low profile, low weight, easy operation pipe valve that is easy to integrate into plumbing applications. The lug butterfly valve comes in three different styles to suit individual use needs. They come in levered, geared and actuator ready models. Levered lug butterfly valves promote quick and easy on/off operation with a 90 degree turning and locking hand lever. Geared lug butterfly valve types come with a gear-driven turn handle for use with more viscous media and tighter control. Actuator ready lug butterfly valve models come without a manual turn device to prime the valve for installation with a personal actuator. Our available lug butterfly valves range from 2” to 12” in diameter sizes. Valves are manufactured by Hayward or Georg Fischer. They are made from either PVC or CPVC and have been tested to 150 PSI at 70 F. Disc materials are available in PVC, CPVC, or polypropylene and valve seats are EPDM, Viton or Nitrile on request. All materials used meet ANSI, NSF 61 certifications for use with drinking / potable water systems.

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