PVDF Kynar Fittings

PVC Pipe Supplies offers a full range of Nibco® PVDF Kynar fittings. PVDF fittings are molded from the high purity, durable fluoropolymer polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). PVDF is a superior thermoplastic material in terms of its increased resistance to elevated temperatures, chemical corrosion, permeation, degradation, nuclear radiation, ultraviolet attack and growth of microorganisms. PVDF fittings are approved up to 280 F.

We offer PVDF fittings in pipe tees, 45 degree elbows, 90 degree elbows, bushings, caps, couplings, female adapters, flanges, nipples, plugs and unions. These fittings are designed to complete plumbing connections, make system integrations and meet application needs. PVDF fittings come in either pigmented red or natural white in color. Red PVDF fittings are often used within chemical handling, injection or processing scenarios. White PVDF fittings are often used within handling food industry products, meeting USP 6 requirements for healthcare or pharmaceuticals, and ultra pure, high purity applications.

PVDF fittings are commonly used in water filtration, treatment, deionization, distillation and demineralization. They are used for their chemical resistance to handle salts / brine solutions, strong and concentrated acids, hot corrosives, aromatics, and halogen solutions such as chlorine and bromine. PVDF fittings are ideal for outdoor use due to their UV resistance. These fittings are frequently used in the semiconductor industry due to their low extractables value, within the pulp and paper industry for their halogen and acid compatibility, within nuclear waste handling due to their natural resistance against radiation and hot acids and within the chemical processing industry for their overall excellent chemical resistance.

Red PVDF KYNAR Fittings

Red PVDF Tee
Red 45 PVDF Elbow
Red 90 PVDF Elbow
Red PVDF Bushing
Red PVDF Cap
Red PVDF Coupling
Red PVDF Female Adapter
Red PVDF Flange
Red PVDF Nipples
Red PVDF Plug
Red PVDF Union

Natural PVDF KYNAR Fittings

Natural PVDF Tee
Natural 45 PVDF Elbow
Natural 90 PVDF Elbow
Natural PVDF Adapter
Natural PVDF Bushing
Natural PVDF Cap
Natural PVDF Coupling
Natural PVDF Flange
Natural PVDF Nipples
Natural PVDF Plug
Natural PVDF Union