Natural PVDF Plug

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1/2" Natural Kynar PVDF Plug, 4850-005
Special Price $73.99 Regular Price $98.25
3/4" Natural Kynar PVDF Plug, 4850-007
Special Price $81.99 Regular Price $108.70
1" Natural Kynar PVDF Plug, 4850-010
Special Price $91.99 Regular Price $122.60
1 1/2" Natural Kynar PVDF Plug, 4850-015
Special Price $140.99 Regular Price $187.50
2" Natural Kynar PVDF Plug, 4850-020
Special Price $172.99 Regular Price $231.00
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Natural PVDF plug fittings manufactured by Nibco® for use in PVDF piping applications. The natural Kynar PVDF plug is designed to seal off pipe fittings for fluid control and to establish a contained system. They are also used as drain or vent ports. We provide Nibco® Chemtrol® line of premium natural PVDF plugs with a male NPT thread connection. Available Kynar plugs feature a threaded style insert and a hex style head for easy installation and removal when needed. They are made from high purity PVDF without additives or fillers. Natural PVDF plug fittings provide significant chemical resistance, superior service temperature ranges and approval for long term contact with consumable materials. Maximum temperature rating is 280°F. They are certified according to ANSI / NSF 61, 51, 14 standards and FDA, USP Class 6 requirements for use with food grade materials and potable water. They are long term resistant against UV exposure and damage. Natural PVDF plug fittings do not support microbial growth. They are manufactured in schedule 80 thickness and are available in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" and 2" NPS diameter sizes.