Schedule 80 PVC Bulkheads

Schedule 80 PVC bulkheads are used in applications where a tank to pipe connection is needed. Also known as a tank adapter or tank fitting, bulkhead fittings allow liquids to be drained from or filled into a tank, drum or other container. They are used to form inlets and outlets to install valves, pipes, hoses or faucets. PVC bulkhead fittings are durable, reliable and chemical resistant schedule 80 fittings made to handle pressurized fluid applications. The bulkhead fitting is first secured to a structure, then pipe or an adapter can be fit to the bulkhead. This allows for quick, secure hookups to be made directly at the storage container. They are suitable for use with both plastic and metal container material types. However, they are not recommended for direct connection and use with metal plumbing. Bulkhead fittings are commonly used in water treatment plants, chemical processing, the food and beverage industry, swimming pools, theme parks, aquariums, pulp and paper, marine and maritime scenarios, corrosive environments, metal plating, agriculture and irrigation applications.

Available bulkhead fittings feature an all plastic hex shaped body, sealing gasket and lock nut. The hex body design allows for one person installation. Gaskets are available in EPDM or Viton. Stocked bulkheads come with left hand threads that makes installation easier. They are engineered with left hand buttress threads that protect the bulkhead fitting against blowout. Schedule 80 PVC bulkheads can handle temperatures up to 140 degrees F (60˚C). They are pressure rated to 150 PSI (10.3 bar) max at 70 degrees F (21˚C). Stocked bulkhead fittings are ANSI / NSF 61 certified for use with potable, drinking water. They are manufactured with socket to thread or thread-to-thread connections made to match any application need. We stock bulkhead fittings that range in size from 1/2” up to 4” in the socket by thread and thread by thread options in the Hayward BFAS Series short pattern barrel bulkhead. We offer a 6” PVC bulkhead fitting with socket by thread connection in the Hayward BFA Series that comes with an extra long shaft to allow installation across thick tank walls.

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