Schedule 80 PVC Bulkheads

Bulkhead fittings are used in applications where tank to pipe connection is needed. The bulkhead is secured in the tank and then pipe is fastened to the bulkhead. Bulkheads are very durable sturdy schedule 80 fittings that are made for high-pressure tank applications. Bulkhead fittings are most commonly used in water treatment plants, chemical processing, food and beverage, swimming pools, theme parks, aquariums, pulp and paper, marine and corrosive environments, metal plating, agriculture and irrigation applications. PVC bulkhead can handle temperatures up to 140 degrees F. PVC bulkheads are manufactured with socket to thread and thread-to-thread connections to fit any tank application that you may have. We stock bulkheads that range in size from ½” to 4” in the socket by thread and thread-by-thread options.
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