Internal Coupling PVC Furniture Grade Fittings

Premium quality internal coupling PVC furniture grade fittings available for sale online from PVC Pipe Supplies at low prices and bulk order wholesale discounts. Internal coupling furniture grade PVC fittings are used to join two pieces of pipe or fittings together without external couplers or solvent welding with primer and cement. They are designed to provide nearly seamless, sturdy and professional looking connections. Furniture grade PVC internal couplings are not intended for quick release structural designs. They are engineered to form reliable tight junctions with high tolerance and may require slight hammering to fully connect. This makes them difficult to remove once in place. Use internal couplers to create semi permanent joints between furniture PVC sections for projects, products, DIY crafts, garden structures and medical applications.

Available internal coupling PVC furniture grade fittings are made by leading manufacturer C&S Plastics® in the USA. C&S® furniture couplers are made from high quality materials, colors and ultraviolet (UV) blocking compounds. They are heavy duty and have nearly five times greater durability against impacts and shattering. They offer lasting resistance from sunlight damage that can cause PVC weakening (embrittlement) and discoloration. They are engineered to be long lasting and capable of harsh weather exposure. Internal couplings are not NSF rated to handle potable (drinking) water or pressurized fluid applications. They are FDA approved non toxic and safe, made without phthalates or heavy metals.

Internal coupling PVC furniture grade fittings come without any production markings, writings, barcodes or other labels. They have a glossy, smooth surface finish and leave only a small seam when installed for a clean, professional appearance. Internal couplings are schedule 40 furniture fittings for use with other schedule 40 piping. They come in 1 ¼” diameter size only. Available colors include white, black, gray, green, orange, purple, red, yellow and blue. Use solvent welding methods to form uniquely tight and strong connections.