Link Seal

Link Seal is a modular seal that can be used in many applications that need to be water tight. The applications include core drilling through a concrete wall, a sleeve and link seal pairing for new wall construction, going through floors and ceilings. The hard rubber material is offered in EPDM for water tight applications. Link Seal also offers links for extreme temperatures and aggressive chemical applications. A large benefit of Link Seals is that they protect against corrosion. The links come with two part zinc coating fasteners or with a corrosion resistant 316 SS fasteners for max protection. Link Seals can seal walls with piping up to 48” OD.

Link Seal Sizing Chart Link Seal Sizing Chart
**Important Note** All Link Seals are sold as individual links. Therefore multiple links are required to create a seal around your pipe. Please see our Link Seal Sizing Chart in order to determine what size and how many links are required for your application.