PVC True Union Ball Valves

PVC True Union Ball Valves range in sizes from ½” through 4”. The valve gives a simple quick way to turn a system on or off. The plastic handle provides ease of this process with a quarter turn. True Union ball valves have double unions that allow for service of the valve whether you are repairing the valve or replacing the valve. The main portion of the valve or carrier is where the handle and ball is located. This can be taken out of line for ease of service without disassembling an entire system. True Union Ball valves come with socket or threaded ends. It is recommended to use PVC glue or thread tape when putting the valves in line. True Union ball valves are very durable and are tested to handle 150 PSI. True union ball valves are used in industrial applications where time is of the essence and ease of repair is very important.
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