Duplex Strainers

Professional grade duplex strainers provide continuous filtration and delivery of pipeline process fluids for high throughput and/or vital work applications. Duplex basket strainers are used for uninterrupted media flow in plumbing systems that cannot tolerate temporary shut down when cleaning of the equipment is required. They allow operations that need to be filtered and to run non stop the ability to do so efficiently. Duplex strainers are used to capture undissolved particles such as dirt, debris, scale, sediment, etc. and prevent clogging, dirtying, unwanted reactions or damaging equipment, ingredients, materials or chemicals located downstream within the pipeline. Duplex strainers are effectively two simplex strainers plumbed together and isolated by a three-way valve that controls the basket to receive the fluid flow for filtration. They are engineered where only one basket chamber at a time is ever active and operational. When one basket becomes full, a pressure gauge or other monitoring device can indicate cleaning is required and a simple turn of the valve handle will redirect flow to the empty basket. Duplex strainers are essential to the steady, clean and reliable performance of many industries, products and services. Common work applications for the duplex strainer model include chemical processing plants, power plants, cooling towers and lines, condensers, compressors, marine and maritime applications, oil burners, pumping stations, water treatment facilities, lubrication lines and many general industrial and manufacturing scenarios.

Available duplex basket strainers are engineered and made in the USA. They are fabricated by Hayward Industries, Inc.® or Eaton Corporation®, industry leading manufacturers of strainers and equipment. All duplex strainers come with drain ports, vents, integrated mounted feet and quick removable covers that do not need tools for access. Duplex strainers feature a compact, direct flow through design to promote easier integration into plumbing systems. Changing the active basket chambers for cleaning does not require tools and only requires turning the handle or lever associated with the valve system. The valve system is engineered with a no-error design that features integral stopping points to remove the guesswork in positioning so every maintenance flow change operation can be completed without issue. Available duplex basket strainers for sale include the Hayward® DB Series duplex strainer and the Eaton® Model 50, Model 52 and Model 53BXT duplex strainers. Hayward® brand strainers are ANSI / NSF 61 certified for potable water applications. Eaton® brand duplex strainers are American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certified for maritime applications. Important features and specifications are outlined below based on the duplex strainer model:

  • Hayward® DB Series duplex strainer — features a rust proof, chemically resistant all plastic design that provides a simplistic, inclusive performance that is durable and reliable. Hayward® duplex strainer basket screens, chambers, valves and fittings are all manufactured entirely from PVC or CPVC. Other thermoplastic materials are available on request. The all plastic engineered duplex strainer is ideal for chemicals, caustics, acids and other corrosive materials, and is lighter in weight compared to metal based strainers. DB Series duplex basket strainers are available in true union socket, socket and thread, threaded and flange installation options in plumbing sizes from 1/2" up to 8". Screens come standard in perforation style in pore sizes from 1/32" up to 1/2" with mesh style available in various metals for order. O-ring seals are FPM or EPDM standard.
  • Model 50 Eaton® duplex strainer — is an industry standard quality and economical choice that features large capacity basket screens and the dependable performance and durability of metal. The Model 50 is well suited for a wide range of work applications. It is available in bronze, cast iron, carbon steel or stainless steel cast material. This model comes in flange type installation only and in 5”, 6” and 8” diameter sizes. Basket screens come standard in 316 stainless steel in perforated style from 1/32" up to 1/2" sizes, or mesh from size 20 up to size 400. Casting material and connection type will depend on select strainer plumbing size. Seal materials are Buna-N type standard with Viton for stainless steel strainers, and EPDM or encapsulated PTFE options available.
  • Model 52 Eaton® duplex strainer — is a heavy duty, wide inlet, high flow option for handling large fluid volume work applications. The Model 52 duplex strainer is engineered and sized to handle flow volumes of 2,000 GPM and above, starting at its smallest size. This model is ideal for heavy throughput filtration scenarios involving larger particles. It features professional grade butterfly valves to significantly reduce the effort and force required when switching high volume system flow between basket chambers. The Model 52 comes in cast iron material only with the option for bronze on request. This model comes in flanged style connections in 10", 12", 14", 16" and 18" sizes. Basket screens come standard in 316 stainless steel in perforated style from 1/32" up to 1/2" sizes or mesh in size 20, size 40 or size 60. Seal materials are Buna-N type as standard.
  • Model 53 BTX Eaton® duplex strainer — offers a low profile, compact solution for installation into process system locations that are too tight for other duplex strainers while retaining a full size filtration screen and a low pressure drop profile. The Eaton® Model 53BTX offers smaller diameter inlet / outlet plumbing options that provide a more cost effective and lightweight solution. The Model 53BTX comes in either cast iron, bronze, carbon steel or stainless steel casting material. This model features either flanged or threaded style connections in 3/4" up to 4" diameter sizes. Basket screens come standard in 316 stainless steel in perforated style from 1/32" up to 1/2" sizes or mesh style from size 20 up to size 400. Strainer seats are Teflon® with Buna-N seals standard.

To select basket screen perforation or mesh size, choose a size suitable for the job. A general rule of thumb is to choose a screen size that is slightly smaller than the smallest particle the system is expected to capture. Increasing size value for perforated baskets indicates a greater width for flow area better suited to capture larger particles. Increasing sizes for mesh baskets indicates more wire per inch and a smaller width for flow area better suited to capture smaller particles. Screens can be provided with mesh or perforation style engineering made from Monel®, Hastelloy® or titanium. These non standard options need to be requested. To request different materials or components for either Hayward® or Eaton® duplex strainers, contact us.

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