Cross PVC Furniture Grade Fittings & Crosses

Buy premium cross PVC furniture grade fittings & crosses to complete your structural PVC project with long lasting color and strength from PVC Pipe Supplies. When comparing furniture grade PVC versus plumbing PVC, furniture grade comes without any pipe markings or labels, and (depending on the maker) is more resistant to shattering and sun UV discoloration or weakening. We offer C&S® brand professional grade furniture crosses made in the USA using industry leading materials, UV blockers and colors. Our C&S® furniture crosses have been engineered to hold strong against weathering, sunlight damage and impacts. Cross fittings have four level sockets positioned at 90° of each other and are used to connect four pipes along a single plane. In projects, crafts or structures, PVC furniture crosses are used to build or add support to walls, ceilings, doors, windows and more. Furniture grade crosses are also known as 4 way fittings and cross connectors.

Our furniture grade PVC cross fittings come with tapered ends and an ultra gloss finish for a fully clean look designed to be visually appealing. They come in many colors including blue, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, gray, black and the traditional white. They range in size from ½” up to 1 ½”. They are manufactured to schedule 40 pipe thickness. C&S® cross PVC furniture grade fittings & crosses are approved by the FDA to be non toxic, free of heavy metals such as lead, free of phthalates and safe for food and medical type applications. They are designed for press to fit installation or solvent weld joining using PVC primer and cement.

All furniture grade PVC fittings have discounts available for multi quantity orders. Check individual products for the bulk order amount required to receive a wholesale discount. Quantity and discount depends on the product.

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