Simplex Strainers

Professional, performance grade simplex strainers for use in protecting downstream plumbing system pipelines, pumps, valves, tanks, sprayers, nozzles and other equipment or process ingredients against fluid flow contaminates, impurity problems and potential damage. Simplex strainers are used to capture and effectively remove foreign particles within a pipe and fluid application. Basket screens of various perforation or mesh sizes within the filtration chamber are used to filter the media as it flows through the strainer. The simplex strainer is a single basket, closed system pressure vessel engineered with a large, easy access filter chamber designed to reduce cleaning frequency, downtime and associated costs. Simplex basket strainers are intended only for use in plumbing applications where flow to the strainer can be temporarily shut down when maintenance is needed. They are ideal for in line or loop style connection systems. Common simplex strainer applications include municipal and industrial water filtration, wastewater treatment, pulp and paper production, chemical synthesis, petrochemical, petroleum, oil and gas refining, power and energy generation, transportation tank cars and tank trucks, marine and maritime applications, food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals and hospitals as well as the cosmetic, paint and ink industries.

Simplex strainers provide a greater screen area versus Y strainers that optimizes the open filtration area, minimizes the potential loss of pressure experienced through the screen chamber and serves to collect more particulates through the media flow. Choose simplex strainers over Y strainers for use in plumbing applications that have or are expected to have an increased amount of contaminants in the pipe system. Choose simplex over duplex strainers when the application system can tolerate shut down to the strainer vessel.

We offer simplex basket strainer filtration equipment in various model designs, construction material options and hookup diameter sizes to meet small to large sized plumbing applications. Available simplex strainers are made in the USA by industry leading manufacturers Hayward® or Eaton®. In engineering, strainers above 2" flow diameter are designed with integrated mounting feet on the strainer base for secure installation and flange type connections. All simplex basket strainers feature hand removable covers that allow quick screen access without the use of tools. Simplex basket strainers feature an integrated vent valve / plug used to relieve pressure buildup and a drain valve / plug used to release chamber fluids for easy removal of basket fluids for cleaning. To clean simplex strainers, system fluid flow must be temporarily shut down or diverted from the strainer. Then the chamber can be opened and the screen removed for maintenance operations. The requirement for system / process shut down makes the simplex strainer ideal and best used for batch production lines or applications. A benefit of simplex strainer engineering is they are quick and easy to open, reducing the amount of time a pipeline system must be non operational.

Important features and specifications are outlined below based on available simplex strainer models:

  • Hayward® SB Series simplex strainers come in a rust proof plastic design that offers lasting durability, reliable performance and reduced weight. They are available made from either PVC or CPVC, with PVDF, PP or Eastar® materials available on request. Hayward® basket screens come in an all plastic, perforated design unless otherwise requested. Hayward® simplex strainers are an ideal, economical choice for high corrosive fluids or chemical media applications, especially those that attack metal alloy based materials. The SB Series simplex basket strainer comes in true union socket, socket / threaded, threaded and flanged connection styles in sizes from 1/2" up to 8" in inlet, outlet diameters. Seal materials are FPM or EPDM as standard. All plastic Hayward® simplex basket strainers are ANSI / NSF 61 approved for use with potable water applications.
  • Model 72 Eaton® simplex strainer, a longtime industry standard due to its increased basket size, heavy duty reliability and lasting operation. The Model 72 is available in bronze, cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel casting materials. This model comes in either threaded or flanged style connections in sizes from 3/8" up to 8" in diameter. Strainer baskets come standard in 316 stainless steel in perforated from 1/32" up to 1/2" sizes or mesh from 20 up to 400 sizes. Standard casting material, connection type and basket options will depend on strainer plumbing size. Seal materials are Buna-N Type or Viton as standard, with EPDM, PTFE options available. All Eaton® Model 72 simplex strainers are certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for use in maritime applications.
  • Model 73 Eaton® simplex, a heavy duty performance work choice for high fluid flow, pressure sensitive, compact applications. The Model 73 simplex basket strainer comes with the largest diameter inlet and outlet options over the other simplex strainer types. It has a low profile, compact, straight flow design that is versatile and easily integrated. The Eaton® Model 73 is ideal for plumbing systems that require low overall pressure loss, have large diameter piping and high flow rates. The Model 73 is available in cast iron casting material with bronze available on request. This model comes in flanged style connections in sizes from 10" up to 18" in diameter. Strainer baskets come standard in 316 stainless steel in perforated from 1/32" up to 1/2" sizes or mesh from 20 up to 60 sizes. Seal materials are Buna-N type as standard. All Eaton® Model 73 simplex strainers are certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for use in maritime applications.

When selecting basket screen perforation or mesh size, choose the size suitable for the application. A general rule of thumb is to select a strainer size slightly smaller than the smallest particle anticipated within the system to capture. Increasing size values of perforation style baskets indicates a greater flow area width that is better suited for capturing larger particles. Increasing values on mesh style baskets indicates more wire per inch and therefore a smaller flow area width that is better suited for capturing smaller, more fine particles.

Available simplex strainers can be provided in other casting materials for strainer body and basket screens. Screens can be provided with mesh or perforation style engineering in various pore sizes in Monel®, Hastelloy® or titanium. These additional models or options need to be requested. The most common Hayward® simplex strainers are listed for sale below, with some additional models found here. To request different materials or components for either Hayward® or Eaton® simplex strainers, contact us.

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