16" Model 73 Eaton Simplex Strainer - ST073160AF40C

SKU: ST073160AF40C
Color: Gray
Model 73 16" Eaton Simplex Strainer with Flanged connection and Cast Iron body

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Model 73 16" Eaton Simplex Strainer with Flanged connection and Cast Iron body

The Eaton Model 73 simplex basket strainer with its straight flow design greatly reduces pressure loss and results in a compact strainer that can fit in tight spaces. Eaton Model 73 is the best simplex strainer for high flow applications in large pipelines.

Large size pipelines with high flow rates require a specific type of basket strainer. The convoluted (pleated) perforated or mesh screens in the Eaton Model 73 basket increases the amount of straining area available while reducing the basket size and weight. This makes it easy to remove the basket from the strainer housing. No lifting tackle required. The quick opening cover provides fast and easy access to the basket for quick service. This can save considerable time and money in labor.

When selecting a pipeline strainer for a large size piping system with high flow rates, be sure to consider all the factors, not just initial pressure loss. The amount of straining area in the basket is critical to reducing the amount of time between cleanings or changeouts.

Quick open cover
Straight through flow design
Low pressure loss
Convoluted basket design
Hand removable basket
Threaded drain
Perforated or mesh 316 stainless steel basket
Low profile
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Type Approved for ship designers, builders and owners

Additional Information

MPN ST073160AF40C
Inventory Type INV
Manufacturer Eaton
Type Basket Strainer
Style Simplex
Strainer Size 16"
Strainer Connection Type Flanged
Material Cast Iron
Seal Material Buna
Color Gray
Installation Manual
Technical Data
Dimensions Image