Clear PVC Fittings

Clear PVC fittings are used along with clear PVC pipe or standard pipe to provide the visibility needed to monitor piping systems and flow media. They allow the visual inspection of junctions, joints, turns and adaptors in piping runs. Clear PVC fittings can be used to visualize fluid flow rate and proper operation of the system. The smooth inner wall of the fittings work with the pipe to allow max flow through the system and decrease the ability for sediment to gather in the system. Use clear PVC fittings to monitor pipe cleanliness, algae growth, blockages and sediment buildup. These fitting types are frequently used for industrial applications, manufacturing, electroplating, photofinishing, scientific research, biological studies, pharmaceutical and medical operations, chemical production, aquariums, zoos, aquatic parks and pools.

Available clear PVC fittings include 90 degree and 45 degree elbows, tees, coupling fittings, adaptor fittings, bushings, caps and clear PVC wye fittings. Clear PVC fittings are made in the USA according to ISO 9001, ASTM D1784 and ASTM D2466 standards. They are NSF and FDA Title 21 approved for use with consumables and potable water. Clear PVC fittings are suitable for use in double containment installations (pipe-in-pipe systems). They are rated to handle temperatures between 32 degrees F and 140 degrees F (0°C - 60°C). Clear PVC fittings are non conductive to electricity, have low thermal absorption properties, resist environmental corrosion such as rust and have excellent chemical resistance.

Clear PVC fittings are manufactured with a schedule 40 thickness. Clear PVC Fittings are available in sizes from 1/4” up to 8” and will depend on fitting type. The fittings come mostly in socket type connection style with spigot style or threaded adaptors available on some models. Traditional solvent welding using PVC cement and primer is best for joining clear PVC fittings. Clear type cement and primer is recommended.