Furniture Grade PVC Pipe

Buy premium furniture grade PVC pipe and products from PVC Pipe Supplies at low prices online and save. We offer a full selection of C&S® brand furniture pipe as well as fittings, cross fittings, 5 way crosses, tees, 4 way tees, elbows, 3 way elbows, flat caps and internal couplings. Furniture grade PVC pipe is also known as structural grade PVC, specialty PVC and medical grade PVC. Furniture grade PVC is food safe, certified non toxic and to be free of phthalates and heavy metals. It is a low cost, strong flexible alternative to wood.

Available furniture pipe comes in a selection of colors from white, black, gray, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, purple, pink and bronze. Furniture grade PVC pipe comes in sizes from ¼” up to 2 ½” nominal pipe size (NPS). Furniture pipe comes in schedule 40 diameter thickness and is shipped in either 10’ or 5’ sections. Pipe is sold in sections to reduce handling, labor costs and shipping costs and may have to be cut on arrival. Prices for furniture PVC pipe ranges from $8 up to $56 per section.

Furniture grade pipe differs from common plumbing type PVC pipe. Furniture PVC pipe is plastic pipe that features a smooth, high gloss finish and is completely free of manufacturer markings. This means it does not have any product barcodes, labels or specification info found on traditional PVC piping. This makes furniture grade PVC pipe more visually appealing and ideally suited for building projects and crafts that will be seen for a clean and professional finish.

Furniture grade PVC pipe is stronger and also has greater resistance to crushing, impacts and UV damage over traditional PVC pipe. It is overall more weather resistant and features additional UV inhibitors. These added UV blockers greatly increase furniture grade PVC’s lifespan and reduce the effects of brittleness and discoloration that can occur from extended outdoor, sun exposure. However, furniture pipe is not certified or engineered for plumbing use with potable water or pressurized applications and should not be used for this purpose. Furniture grade PVC pipe is acceptable for use in non-regulated, non-pressure water applications such as irrigation, sprinkler systems and aquaponics.

Furniture grade PVC pipe features socket type joints that exhibit high tolerance to stress. They can be joined through solvent welding with PVC primer and cement or through press to fit, insertion type joining.

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