Basket Strainers

Professional basket strainers for inline filtration applications available for sale at competitive pricing and discounts online from PVC Pipe Supplies. We are a leading distributor of Hayward® brand basket strainers and Eaton® brand industrial grade basket strainers. Basket strainers are used for liquids and media in process plumbing lines that need regular cleaning or that require filtration of suspended particles and undissolved materials. Basket strainers are engineered to reduce or fully prevent the accumulation of undesired particulates at downstream components and equipment within a piping system. They are a major component of filtration and prefiltration systems. The basket strainer is frequently used in water, fuel and oil based scenarios. In work applications, they are commonly used in water and wastewater treatment, sea water and desalination, marine and maritime use, food processing, chemical processing and finishing, electroplating, semiconductor fabrication as well as many industrial and manufacturing filtration and prepping type applications.

Basket strainers are designed to install horizontally within plumbing lines with the filtration screen in an upright position. This makes it much easier to access and remove the filtration screen as needed by allowing the basket to be lifted right out of the chamber. This is especially useful for large diameter pipelines as well as viscous, gummy or otherwise heavy buildups that can make the screen difficult to remove. Basket strainers are designed to allow for in-line or loop style connections. They come with integrated flat mounting bases for simple and secure installation. Basket strainers feature a removable drain cover (or covers) that can be opened to facilitate drainage of the chamber prior to cleaning. Hayward® brand strainers have an ergonomic, hand removable chamber lid cover that promotes quick, easy access. Eaton® brand strainers feature a quick open cover that does not require tools for access. Compared to Y strainers, the basket strainer can hold significantly more filtrate and provides lower overall drop in system pressure.

Available basket strainers come in Hayward® and Eaton® simplex and duplex style basket strainers. Hayward® strainers come in Hayward’s SB Series simplex and their DB Series duplex and are made from professional grade, rust proof plastic. Available Hayward® strainers are made from either PVC, CPVC, polypropylene, Eastar® or PVDF. Casting materials not listed for sale can be provided on request. Eaton® strainers come in high quality metal and are available in Eaton’s Model 72 and Model 73 simplex strainers and their Model 50, Model 52 and Model 53 duplex strainers. Available Eaton® strainer house castings are made from cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel or bronze. Simplex strainers are single chamber, single filtration screen basket strainers. They are ideal for pipelines with downstream components that need protected from suspended particles and that can be shut down for basket cleaning. Duplex strainers are dual chamber, dual filtration screen strainers. They are ideal for system applications that cannot be shut down and media flow cannot be stopped.

Basket strainer filter screens are made from either metal or plastic. Basket strainers made from plastic materials are NSF / ANSI 61 and 372 certified lead free plastic approved for consumable based applications. Various design materials and pore sizes are available for strainer filtration baskets. Available screen materials include baskets made from either metal 316 stainless steel, Monel©, Hastelloy© or titanium or from all thermoplastic PVC or CPVC, PP, Eastar® or PVDF. Basket screen options include perforated style screens from 1/32" up to 1/2" or mesh style screens from 20 up to 400 mesh sizes. Basket strainer inlet / outlet dimensions come in sizes from 3/8" up to 18" in size. Hayward® gasket, O-ring seals are either FPM or EPDM. Eaton® strainers offer Viton®, EPDM, PTFE or Buna-N gaskets. Available connection types for all basket strainer models include flanged, socket, socket and thread, and threaded connections. Strainer and screen construction material, design, size and connection styles will vary on specific strainer model and may need to be requested.

Some additional material models of Hayward® basket strainers are listed for sale here.