PVDF Kynar Pipe

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF; Kynar) is a superior thermoplastic and plumbing option among both plastic and metal pipe materials. PVDF pipes and fittings are durable and ideal for scenarios that will experience high temperatures, corrosive chemicals and substances or applications that require the utmost purity standards. PVDF plumbing has a maximum service temperature of 284 °F (150 °C) and max pressure design stress of 1,360 PSI at 73 °F with solid pipe rated up to 580 PSI. Maximum pressure ratings for PVDF pipe derate with increasing temperatures, similar to other plumbing materials. Review our PVDF Derating Schedule for more details.

Kynar PVDF piping is distributed in 20’ lengths and comes in Schedule 80 wall thickness to nominal pipe sizes (NPS) that range from ¼” up to 12” (6.35 - 304.8 mm). Non-standard dimensions can be made available on request. Review our PVDF Specification Chart for a list of PVDF pipe sizes and measurements. Our PVDF pipe is manufactured by Nibco. Nibco PVDF pipes come in red Kynar PVDF approved for chemical and/or general use and natural white PVDF approved for extended food grade and ultra pure use in the strictest of quality settings.

PVDF plumbing is joined through fusion jointing, heat contact and hot gas welding with a welding rod to produce seamless and fully sealed connections. All necessary PVDF fittings, connectors, elbows, and PVDF valves are available within the full range of plumbing sizes.

PVDF Characteristics and Standards

Polyvinylidene fluoride is a resilient thermoplastic made from a high molecular weight fluoropolymer that provides PVDF with an increased material integrity against mechanical, thermal, chemical, and biological stressors. PVDF is a highly non reactive thermoplastic with a service tolerance for temperature, pressure and chemical strain comparable to exotic steel and metal alloys. 

Equipment fabricated from PVDF is known for key characteristics of long service strength, low permeability, and overall resistance. PVDF plastic is resistant to fluid and granular abrasion; fire and/or smoke development; ultraviolet UV effects; nuclear radiation; ozone damage, as well as fungus or microbiological growth. In terms of chemical compatibility, PVDF Kynar has low absorption properties and superior resistance against attack from harsh acids, solvents, oxidants, halogens, aromatics, weak bases and salt / brine solutions. 

Nibco PVDF pipe, fittings and components are designed and tested according to regulations and independent authority standards that approve PVDF resins for a wide range of use scenarios. PVDF tubing is ANSI / NSF certified per NSF 61 for drinking water, NSF 51 for food contact, and NSF 14 for plastic piping systems. Natural PVDF is food grade FDA-compliant per 177.2510 & 177.2600, maintains no manufacturing additives and is considered wholly non-toxic. 

PVDF equipment can also meet USP Class 6 approval regulations for healthcare and pharmaceutical use. Select resins and grades of PVDF meet ASTM E84 25/50 rating and FM 910 compliance as needed for flame spread/smoke scenarios.

PVDF Applications and Example Use

Kynar PVDF piping is a multipurpose, specialty plumbing that is well suited for many materials, ingredients and industries. PVDF plumbing is often used in chemical processing and transfer, within petrochemical energy applications, pharmaceutics, food-beverage scenarios and electrical systems. Example chemicals handled in PVDF include bromide solutions, sulfuric acid (heated and non heated), hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, halogen and chlorinated compounds, aliphatic solvents, aromatic solvents and alcohols, to list a few examples. Common industry materials or ingredients used with PVDF include ultrapure water, pharmaceutical chemicals and compounds, food syrups, wine, beer and other beverages. Other applications include refined / unrefined oils, engine fuels, gasoline, diesel, MTBE, ethanol and biodiesel blends.

For more information or to request a contractor quote on PVDF pipe and PVDF fittings, contact us. To compare PVDF against other pipe materials, review our PVDF vs PVC, CPVC and Metal Pipe.

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