4" x 20' Schedule 80 Natural PVDF Pipe



KYNAR polyvinylidene fluoride is a tough engineering thermoplastic that offers a balance of performance properties. It has the characteristic stability of fluoropolymers to resist harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments. KYNAR resins, in addition to being readily melt-processed by standard methods, can be dissolved in polar solvents, such as organic esters and amines, for coating applications.
Inventory Type N100
Manufacturer Nibco
Type Schedule 80 Pipe
Schedule Schedule 80
Size (in.) 4
Weight per Foot (lbs. / ft.) 3.58
Length (ft.) 20
Wall Thickness (in.) 0.337
Inner Diameter (in.) 4
Outer Diamter (in.) 4.5
Material KYNAR 740 PVDF
Color White
Technical Data PVDF Pipe Technical Specifications