Ball Valves

Ball valves are one of the most highly used PVC valves in the plumbing market. Ball valves are used to stop the flow of media in a PVC piping system. There are two common types of ball valves, the compact ball valve and the true union ball valve. Compact ball valves are one piece ball valves that are manufactured with glue or threaded ends. True union ball valves come with union ends in either socket or threaded type connections and are more often used in industrial applications. True union ball valves allow easy repair or in line valve replacement due to the union ends they come manufactured with. PVC ball valves are popular in many applications because they are easy to work with and are sturdy for use with various media. Ball valves come equipped with a handle that allows a single quarter turn to cut the flow in the piping system off or on. Our PVC ball valves also come in industrial PVC, CPVC, CPVC industrial, single union, and actuated ball valves. Ball valves are pressure tested to handle 150 PSI of liquid based pressure and can handle temperatures that reach up to 140 degrees F for PVC or 200 F for CPVC.