Clear PVC Pipe

Clear PVC pipe is ideal for when visibility of flowing fluids is needed to monitor the piping system. Transparent pipe walls allow for direct visual monitoring of pipe cleanliness against dirt, algae and sediment as well as flow rate against buildup and blockages. The smooth inner wall of Clear PVC pipe allows maximum flow through the system and decreases the ability for sediment to gather in the system. Clear PVC pipe is a versatile piping type recommended for use in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electroplating, photofinishing, and chemical installations. The clear plastic pipe is ideal for use in biofuel, bioreactors, scientific research, clean rooms, chemical synthesis, aquaculture, aquariums, aquatic parks and pools, and scenarios to allow algae growth when desired.

Clear PVC pipe is available in schedule 40 thickness. They are rated to handle temperatures between 32 degrees F and 140 degrees F (0°C - 60°C). The pipe comes in standard 10’ sections for ease of assembly, handling and to reduce shipping and labor costs. Clear PVC Pipe sizes range from 1/4” to 12” in size. Clear PVC pipe prices range from $8 to $1200 per 10 foot section.

We offer Spears® clear PVC pipe manufactured in the USA per ISO 9001, ASTM D1784 and ASTM D2466 standards. Spears® clear PVC pipe is non conductive, rust proof and resists corrosion from many chemicals and water. Our Spears® brand clear PVC pipe is fabricated to meet US FDA Title 21 regulations. This means our clear PVC pipe is safe for use with food, consumable type material and drinkable, potable water.

Clear PVC pipe comes with socket type end joints. Clear PVC pipe is installed using the traditional glue and primer system to create solvent weld connections that are long lasting and reliable. Clear PVC primer and cement is recommended. They are fully compatible with other plastic pipe types and can be joined as needed through use of the right pipe schedule, adapter and jointing technique. Clear PVC pipe can also be used in secondary containment style applications (also known as, pipe in pipe) where the clear pipe allows see-through monitoring of leaks or releases as they occur.

In addition to clear PVC pipe in sch 40, we also offer a full range of clear PVC fittings in schedule 40 thickness.

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