PVC Duct Fittings

Full selection of PVC duct fittings for air, exhaust ventilation and fume handling ductwork systems. We provide Harrison© SUPERDUCT® PVC duct fittings, an industry leading choice in quality and reliability. Ducting pipe and fittings are for use only on open air systems. They are not suited for liquid handling or pressure situations. PVC duct fittings are rated to handle temperatures up to 140 degrees F. Most commonly used in industrial HVAC applications for new constructions. Available PVC duct fittings are suited for use in commercial, residential HVAC systems, chemical process control, fume hoods and scrubbers, manufacturing plants, medical facilities and more. They are lightweight, easy to handle and easy to install.

Available Harrison© SUPERDUCT® is Type 1 Grade 1 Cell Class 12454-B PVC manufactured to ASTM D 1784 standards in the USA by Harrison Machine and Plastic©, a company with over 50 years experience producing and providing reliable, long lasting and cost effective PVC duct fittings. These PVC duct fittings have high tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity, low conductivity to heat and electricity, good flammability tolerance, excellent chemical properties and are resistant to environmental corrosion such as rust. They support a longer service life when compared to metal ductwork for handling air as well as many common fumes and chemical gases.

PVC duct fitting sizes are available in iron pipe size (IPS) diameter from 2" up to 24" and depend on fitting type. Contact us if larger diameter fittings are required. We can provide ducting PVC fittings in sizes up to 60" (5 feet). Ask about available contractor quotes and prices. Standard PVC cement and primer can be used for installation. It is recommended to hot air weld PVC duct systems with large diameter sizes above 14". Available PVC duct fittings include 45° elbows, 90° elbows, duct tees, duct wyes, rigid and flexible duct couplers, duct caps, PVC pipe hangers, dampers, blastgates, duct flanges, exhaust hoods, rainskirts, rain caps and PVC flexible duct. They are dark grey in color.