Slip Tee PVC Furniture Grade Fittings

Professional style slip tee PVC furniture grade fittings available online from PVC Pipe Supplies at regular low price and wholesale discounts on bulk orders. Furniture grade slip tees, also known as T-L’s, have the shape of standard 3 way tee fittings. They are used for structures and projects that require a hinge joint such as doors, windows, fold outs, hang bars and lids. Slip tee furniture fittings are slip style connectors. They have a fully open socket that allows the fitting to slide along a pipe length of the same size and a perpendicular closed socket at 90° to form an L-shaped hinge that also accepts a length of pipe. This design allows slip tees to pivot around its center axis. They are not flow through fittings as the hinge socket has a sealed end. Slip tees are ideal for furniture PVC crafts, DIY projects, garden structures, medical purposes, training equipment, among others.

Manufactured in the USA by C&S Plastics®, slip tee PVC furniture grade fittings are made using top industry standard methods and professional materials. Furniture slip tees feature improved impact strength and shatter tolerance compared to plumbing grade PVC or low quality furniture PVC. They are often rated to having five times the impact resistance of other PVC types. C&S® slip tees are made with premium colors and high durability ultraviolet (UV) sunlight blockers. This manufacturing causes C&S® furniture slip tees to withstand sun and weather extremes and will hold their color and physical strength much longer. Furniture grade PVC slip tees are FDA approved to be non toxic, safe for handling and consumable contact, and guaranteed free of harmful metals or phthalate chemicals. Furniture fittings are not NSF approved for handling drinking water or liquids under pressure.

Slip tee PVC furniture grade fittings are offered completely unmarked and without labels or embossments. They an ultra gloss, shiny and smooth surface finish. Sockets are deep end sockets for easy and secure connections. Fittings feature a tapered style socket opening to increase visual appeal, collectively offering a professional look to a finished project. Slip tee connectors are schedule 40 fittings made for use with schedule 40 pipe. Available sizes include ½”, ¾”, 1” and 1 ¼”. Furniture grade slip tees come in white, black, gray, green, orange, purple, red, blue and yellow. Slip tee fittings are installed by sliding the open socket over a pipe of the same size. Closed socket hinges are installed by simple pipe insertion, known as press to fit, or by permanent bonding with PVC primer and cement.

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