5" Model 50 Eaton Duplex Strainer - ST0500500F41C

SKU: ST0500500F41C
Color: Gray
Model 50 5" Eaton Duplex Strainer with Flanged connection and Cast Iron body

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Model 50 5" Eaton Duplex Strainer with Flanged connection and Cast Iron body

The Eaton Model 50 plug type duplex strainer's design is simple and economical. This high-quality strainer is, in fact, a pressure rated plug valve with integral straining baskets.

To switch the flow from one basket to the other, the operating handle moves through a 90-degree arc. Because of the unique port design in the diverter plug, it is impossible for this operation to stop the flow. The entire switching operation takes fewer than 30 seconds, no tools required. Positioning the plug each time in exactly the right spot happens automatically by integral stops.

Before operating the handle, a specially designed, manual lifting jack built into the strainer, lifts the diverter plug off its seat. After the switching operation, the jack easily reseats the plug, even under high pressures. Because a built-in stop limits the distance the diverter plug rises, it minimizes the possibility of material bypassing the plug while rotated to divert flow. It also prevents debris from building up under the plug and making it difficult to reseat.

Continuous flow, no shutdown for basket cleaning
Rugged tapered plug design
Lift jack prevents galling of the plug
Quick open cover—no tools needed
Large capacity baskets
Threaded drain
Machined basket seat
Perforated or mesh 316 stainless steel basket

Additional Information

MPN ST0500500F41C
Inventory Type INV
Manufacturer Eaton
Type Basket Strainer
Style Duplex
Strainer Size 5"
Strainer Connection Type Flanged
Material Cast Iron
Color Gray
Installation Manual
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