Natural PVDF Adapter

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1/2" Natural Kynar PVDF Adapter, 4835-005
Special Price $60.99 Regular Price $81.10
3/4" Natural Kynar PVDF Adapter, 4835-007
Special Price $102.99 Regular Price $137.10
1" Natural Kynar PVDF Adapter, 4835-010
Special Price $136.99 Regular Price $182.10
1 1/2" Natural Kynar PVDF Adapter, 4835-015
Special Price $227.99 Regular Price $304.60
2" Natural Kynar PVDF Adapter, 4835-020
Special Price $247.99 Regular Price $330.80
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Natural PVDF adapter fittings for sale online at PVC Pipe Supplies available in 1/2" to 2" sizes in schedule 80 dimensions. They feature female socket by female threaded connections (Socket x FNPT). Natural PVDF adapter fittings are used to connect pipes of two different types, such as a plain end pipe to a threaded pipe, valve or fitting. Adapters available are manufactured by Nibco®, part of the Chemtrol® line of natural Kynar PVDF plumbing. They are made from premium grade unpigmented polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to produce natural PVDF that is white, off white in color. The natural PVDF adapter is fabricated, tested and certified according to ASTM, ANSI, NSF, FDA and USP Class 6 standards and requirements. They are approved for use and handling of drinking water, food materials, beverage ingredients, healthcare, pharmaceutics and drug compounds, ultra pure water, many aggressive, corrosive, harsh chemicals, and continuous service temperatures up to 280°F. Available natural PVDF adapter fittings are a professional, reliable, long lasting choice.