1/2" PVC Low Extractable 300 PSI Gauge Guard EPDM

SKU: G3002-005BL

1/2" Spears PVC Low Extractable 300 PSI Gauge Guard EPDM, G3002-005BL

Spears Low-Extractable Piping System offer unique advantages for many ultra-pure water applications:
-Advanced Low-Extractable material significantly reduces leachable contamination compared to conventional PVC and other piping materials
-Exceptionally smooth interior walls reduce particle contaminants
-Fast, reliable installation with simple, inexpensive joining methods
-Good chemical/corrosion resistance, high impact strength, Low thermal conductivity
-Low maintenance
-Cost effective
SKU G3002-005BL
Inventory Type N100
Type Gauge Guard
Fitting Type Gauge Guard
Brand Low Extractable
Size 1/2"
Connection Type FPT
Diaphragm Material EPDM
Material PVC
Color Blue
Max Pressure 235 PSI (10.3 bar) @ 70˚F (21˚C)
Working Pressure 300 PSI
UPC Code 054211496619
Technical Data Spears G3002-005BL Technical Data
Dimensions Image G3002-005BL
A 1-3/16"
B 4-7/8"