3/4" Hayward PSSTBH Pneumatic Actuated True Union CPVC Ball Valve, FPM O-Rings

Color: Light Gray
3/4" Hayward PSSTBH Fail-Safe Spring Return Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Actuated True Union CPVC Ball Valve w/Socket and Threaded ends, FPM O-rings


PSSTBH Series is a package unit of a PS pneumatic Scotch Yoke actuator and a TBH Series ball valve. The PSS actuator is spring-return (fail-safe) pneumatic operation with a solenoid valve and a TBH Series ball valve in PVC or CPVC. FPM or EPDM o-rings are available and the valve comes with socket and threaded end connections.

Additional Information

Inventory Type DS
Manufacturer Hayward
Type Ball Valve
Style True Union
Series PSS Series
Valve Type True Union Ball Valve
Valve Size 3/4"
Valve Connection Type Socket and Threaded
Material CPVC
Seal Material FPM
Seat Material PTFE
Port Type Full
Max Pressure 250 PSI (17.2 bar) @ 70° F (21° C)
Actuation Type Pneumatic Actuator
Carton Qty 1
Color Light Gray
Ratings & Standards NSF/ANSI 61
Technical Data