Century Line Sleeve

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Century Line SleeveCentury Line sleeves are constructed out of durable high impact polyethylene material. Century Line sleeves are used when new walls, ceilings, or floors are constructed. The sleeves are put in place before the structure is poured so when conduit has to run through the structure the sleeve will allow passage from one location to another. These sleeves are lightweight but very durable. They are 1/8 the weight of steel, will not shatter in cold weather, will not corrode or rust. The sleeves have been called the “hundred year sleeve”. The sleeves are molded with a 2” water stop in the middle of them to stop the migration of any water. The Century Line Sleeves range in size from 2” up to 25”. The system is made complete with the Link Seal products that completely seal off the penetration through the wall, floor or ceiling.  

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