8" Century Line Wall Penetration Plastic Sleeve, CS-8

Century Line Wall Sleeves come in a standard 16" length and designed to be cut in the field. If you require pre-cut or custom lengths please contact our sales team.


1/8 the weight of steel

Century-Line™ sleeves are light enough for one worker to install without a crane, hoist or helper, reducing installation time and costs. Century-Line™ sleeves are easy to stock and far less expensive to ship than steel sleeves.

Resists water migration

The 2” (50.8 mm) water stop collar not only anchors the sleeve in position but creates a path against the migration of water around the outside of the sleeve.

Adjusts to Wall Thickness

Century-Line™ sleeves unique, hollow water stop collar works like an expansion joint, adjusting (up to 1/2”) to the thickness of wall. This design creates a dynamic force against the form.

Nailer end caps position sleeve precisely in form

Specially designed end caps provide an ideal method for attaching Century-Line™ sleeves to the concrete forms. The end caps assure that the sleeve holds its circular configuration during the pour. In addition to keeping out wet concrete, they also prevent dirt from entering the sleeve during backfill operations or the interim construction period.

Tough high density polyethylene (HDPE) construction

High-impact resistant HDPE also provides excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and other organic solvents. Ideal for cathodic protection systems, these non-conductive sleeves will not rust, corrode or degrade. Low-temperature properties are such that they may be installed under any weather conditions suitable for pouring concrete. High temperature application limit is 150º F (66º C). The sleeve is molded with a texture on the outside surface to assure a better bond than most plastic to concrete interfaces.

Used for shotcrete wall applications

For shotcrete applications, Century-Line™ sleeves are easily positioned to wall form with threaded rod, and the end caps protect the sleeve penetration while the wall is formed.  

Nesting of Sleeves

Allow for a 2” (50.8 mm) minimum clearance between wall sleeves/ water-stop collars for concrete pour.

Additional Information

Inventory Type N100
Manufacturer Century Line
Material PE
Installation Manual