Table Cap PVC Furniture Grade Fittings

Buy professional grade table cap PVC furniture fittings available online from PVC Pipe Supplies at daily low prices and bulk order wholesale discounts. Table cap PVC furniture fittings, also known as screw tab caps, are mounting fixtures for furniture grade PVC pipe and fitting projects. Table cap fittings feature a deep socket for securing pipe connections and a flat end with 3 tabs for nail or screw driven mounting and anchoring. They are commonly used to attach table tops. Use them to connect furniture PVC pipe projects to other objects, structures or materials such as wood, concrete or metal.

We offer high quality C&S Plastics® table cap PVC furniture fittings. They are professional grade products manufactured in the USA from premium materials and are engineered to last. C&S® furniture PVC has been made to provide a longer lifespan and greater strength compared to lesser quality furniture pipe and fittings. C&S® furniture grade PVC table caps have improved impact and shatter resistance versus standard PVC. They have superior UV (ultraviolet) resistance to withstand discoloration and weakening that can occur from sun and weather exposure. They are FDA approved non toxic but not NSF certified for potable (drinking) water applications.

Table cap PVC furniture fittings feature a high gloss finish that is smooth, shiny and free of markings or labels for a professional, finished look. They have a schedule 40 pipe thickness and are made to fit over other schedule 40 PVC pipe. Available furniture PVC table cap sizes include 1”, 1 ¼" and 1 ½" in diameter. They are designed to slide over other pipe or fittings of the same sizes. They come in premium color black, gray, green, orange, purple, red, blue and yellow. Install table cap PVC furniture fittings by press to fit insertion or PVC cement and primer solvent welding.

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