Overview of Wafer Check Valves | How They Work, Specifications & Options

What are Wafer Check Valves: Description, Common Uses and Specifications


Wafer Check ValveWafer check valves are in-line piping valves used to control fluid flow direction and reduce or fully prevent possible back flow within plumbing systems. Wafer check valves are also known as clack valves, reflux valves, non return valves and one way valves. This valve type has been engineered to automatically eliminate the fluid flow reflux that can occur whenever a process system is shutdown. These valves feature a hinged, flap-like disk (the wafer) that is used to allow and restrict liquid flow. This disk only opens in one direction and closes shut under back pressure to seal the valve against opposing fluid flow. Wafer check valves require a minimum amount of system fluid pressure to operate. The check opens whenever upstream pressure is greater than downstream pressure and closes whenever downstream pressure exceeds upstream. Thermoplastic wafer check valves are acceptable for non compressible liquid applications only and should never be used for pneumatic, gas or compressible liquid type scenarios.


Wafer check valves’ quick action and simplistic operation promotes their integration into many scenarios, markets and industries. Wafer valves are often used in water handling and intake within purification, membrane systems, desalinization, wastewater treatments and aquariums. This valve type serves the chemical process industry (CPI) by controlling production, dilution and dosing of industrial acids and bases such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, ammonia and calcium hydroxide. Other frequent uses include pharmaceutical drug materials and products; agriculture performance chemical distribution as well as healthcare and hygiene detergents, bleach and soaps.


Wafer check valves feature an all thermoplastic design that eliminates environmental corrosion, is lighter than metal and offers appreciable durability against mechanical, physical and chemical wear. Wafer check valves begin to operate under lower sealing pressures than Swing Check Valves and can require only 2 PSI cracking pressure to open and 4 PSI back pressure to seal.


Wafer check valves feature a durable, compact one piece pattern disc, body and shaft without exposed clips or fasteners that can potentially break off into the plumbing system. The reflux valves we offer are produced by USA plumbing manufacturers Hayward® and Cepex®. The valves are fabricated using Cell Class 12454 PVC or Cell Class 23447 CPVC, with PVDF or PP material valves available on request. Valve materials used are ASTM D1784, ANSI NSF 61 and 372 certified lead free plumbing approved for use with potable water.


Wafer check valves are available in sizes ranging from 2” to 14” fitting diameters. Complete available valve sizes are: 2", 2 1/2", 3”, 4", 6", 8”, 10", 12” and 14”. Additional nonstandard diameters as well as larger size valves can be manufactured on request.


Wafer valves are designed to be installed in either a horizontal or vertical in-line arrangement. Their connection type is a flange, wafer type joint that requires a flat surface. Wafer check valves feature integrated eye bolts that streamline their installation even for large diameter valves. No spacers or specialty flanges are required for DIN or PVDF connections. When connecting to schedule 80 pipe, spacers must be used to allow full disk opening.


Wafer valves often come standard with EPDM double O-ring stem gasket seals. FPM Viton or PTFE (Teflon™) encapsulated FPM options are available whenever applications require.

Wafer Check Valve Series

Our wafer check valve offerings come in WC and WCV Series models. Direct performance and options can vary by the valve series. The following detail-tables breakdown the different wafer valve series' by their valve components and specifications.

WC Series

Wafer Valve WC Series Specifications

Products: WC Series Wafer Check Valves

WCV Series

Wafer Valve WCV Series Specifications

Products: WCV Series Wafer Check Valves

Wafer Check Valve Options

Wafer check valves can be purchased with an optional spring that turns the check valve into a spring loaded disc. This option assists the valve in effective sealing with increased sealing strength that is especially ideal for use with viscous, thick fluids, chemicals and materials. Springs for wafer check valves are available in either 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy™ materials types.

Wafer Check Valves are Right for You if...

Wafer check valves are ideal when you have a plumbing system integrated into an application process that often turns on and off, when you have a system that develops reverse pressure flow during repeat operations and/or when you need to ensure your fluid flow only occurs in a single direction and therefore eliminate reflux within the system. Check out PVC Pipe Supplies Wafer Check Valves for Sale.

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