1-1/2" Hayward BFAS Series PP Bulkhead Fitting w/Threaded x Threaded ends



Hayward’s BFA Series Industrial Bulkhead Fittings (Tank Adapters) easily permit safe, quick pipe connections to be made to plastic, metal or plastic tanks. Simply cut the proper size opening in the tank, slide the body of the fitting through it, and then just tighten the nut. The fitting is now ready to accept the piping connection.

Hayward BFAS Series bulkhead fittings have a shorter shaft length than the BFA Series.

Inventory Type DS
Manufacturer Hayward
Type Bulkhead Fitting
Series BFAS Series
Size 1-1/2"
Connection Type Threaded x Threaded
Material PP
Seal Material FPM
Color White
Max Pressure 150 PSI (10.3 bar) @ 70˚F (21˚C)
Carton Qty 24
UPC Code 0610377137140
Technical Data Hayward BFAS3015TFS Technical Data
Dimensions Image Hayward BFAS3015TFS Drawing