3/4" Hayward DB Series CPVC Duplex Basket Strainer w/Flanged ends


Strainer price includes two plastic baskets. If your application requires a mesh basket, please call customer service to get your updated price for the strainer / basket combo unit



DB Series duplex basket strainers are available in PVC, CPVC, and Eastar®. Up to 2 inch sizes have socket and threaded end connections.

Each strainer comes with a standard plastic basket. Other materials available, see Basket Replacements.

Inventory Type DS
Manufacturer Hayward
Type Basket Strainer
Style Duplex
Series DB Series
Strainer Size 3/4"
Strainer Connection Type Flanged
Material CPVC
Seal Material EPDM
Seal Type Double O-Ring Stem
Color Light Gray
Max Pressure 150 PSI (10.3 bar) @ 70˚F (21˚C)
Carton Qty 1
UPC Code 0610377823289
Installation Manual Hayward DB2075FE Installation Manual
Technical Data Hayward DB2075FE Technical Data