Ball Cap PVC Furniture Grade Fittings

Buy premium quality, professional grade ball cap PVC furniture fittings from PVC Pipe Supplies at some of the lowest prices and wholesale discounts available online. Ball cap PVC furniture fittings are smooth, ball shaped furniture caps for pipe and fittings. Use them to seal off open ends with a flush, pronounced spherical look. Ideal for completing furniture, structural, garden and medical PVC projects and applications. These ball cap PVC furniture fittings are enitrely free of manufacturer markings or labels and feature a high gloss finish.

Our ball cap PVC furniture fittings are made in the USA by C&S Plastics®, a leading producer of premium furniture grade PVC. C&S® furniture caps are engineered to be tougher and longer lasting than the competition. They are made with professional materials, sunlight blockers and colors that makes them more durable and resistant to impact fractures, UV damage and discoloration over lower quality brands.

Ball cap PVC furniture fittings are manufactured to schedule 40 pipe thickness. They come in 1 ¼” size and must be used with 1 ¼” pipe . Available colors include white, black, gray, green, orange, purple, red, blue and yellow. They can be installed by press to fit or solvent welding methods using cement and primer.