Dome Cap PVC Furniture Grade Fittings

Professional grade quality dome cap PVC furniture fittings from PVC Pipe Supplies online at low prices and wholesale discounts. Dome cap PVC furniture fittings are furniture pipe PVC end caps designed to provide a smooth finish, a flush fit and a slightly domed appearance. They are used to seal off pipe and fitting openings. Use them to give a professional, finished look to all furniture, structural, garden and medical PVC applications and DIY PVC projects.

Our dome cap PVC furniture fittings are USA made by C&S Plastics®. C&S® is a top manufacturer of quality furniture grade PVC products. These dome cap PVC fittings are made using premium materials and techniques. This makes them stronger and more durable against physical damage, ultraviolet sunlight discoloration and weakening. They are manufactured with high quality color guaranteed to last.

Dome cap PVC furniture fittings come with an ultra gloss finish and are entirely free of labels, markings, or writing. They are made to schedule 40 pipe thickness and can be used with other schedule 40 PVC pipe. Dome caps come in sizes ½”, ¾”, 1” and 1 ¼” in diameter. Available colors include white, black, gray, green, orange, purple, red, blue and yellow. They are designed to install securely by press to fit or solvent welding methods using PVC cement and primer. As with other furniture PVC pipe and fittings, they are not approved for potable water use.

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