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Spears® Manufacturing Company LabWaste™ CPVC drainage system pipe available specifically engineered for the reliable handling of corrosive, acid and chemical wastes. The pipe is manufactured to provide cold and hot chemical type waste drainage in non pressure handling up to 220ºF. Spears® LabWaste™ pipe is ideal for use in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities including academic, research and laboratory type applications. LabWaste™ CPVC pipe is designed to provide superior resistance against a distributed list of corrosive elements and environments and is a key advantage of using this pipe type over other drainage plumbing types. Basic chemical resistance of the CPVC LabWaste™ pipe model includes excellent tolerance against strong and weak acids, strong and weak bases, and salts; good to fair tolerance against halogens, strong oxidants and aliphatic compounds. In general, Spears© LabWaste™ pipe is considered inert to attack from many mineral salts, acids, bases and aliphatic hydrocarbon solutions.

Spears® LabWaste™ pipe type is fabricated using Cell Classification 23447 chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) Type IV. LabWaste™ CPVC is listed per ASTM F2618 specification standards certifying it for use in CPVC type chemical waste drain systems. Spears® LabWaste™ CPVC systems has a UL 94 flammability rating of V-0, 5VB and meets ASTM E84 and UL 723 requirements across surface burning tests. Test results indicate flame spread less than 25 and smoke development less than 50. These tests approve LabWaste™ CPVC per IMC and UMC requirements for return air plenums. LabWaste™ CPVC pipe is listed by ICC-ES PMG 1018 and PMG 1278.

Spears® LabWaste™ pipe is fabricated to nominal Iron Pipe Size (IPS) dimensions. The pipe is available in 1 ½” sizes up to 20” sizes. Pipe lengths come in 10’ sections. LabWaste™ CPVC pipe is gray in color with a yellow stripe along the side that aids identification. LabWaste™ pipe is recommended for solvent weld installation using a one step solvent cement listed for use on CPVC corrosive media applications.

For a real life scenario demonstrating the ability and cost effectiveness of Spears® LabWaste™ pipe, consider the Chobani® yogurt manufacturing plant case study reported by Spears Manufacturing®. Consider this Spears® case study comparing LabWaste™ pipe versus cast iron pipe.



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CPVC Labwaste Pipe

  Part # Description
LW-015 1-1/2" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-015
LW-020 2" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-020
LW-030 3" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-030
LW-040 4" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-040
LW-060 6" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-060
LW-080 8" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-080
LW-100 10" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-100
LW-120 12" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-120
LW-140 14" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-140
LW-160 16" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-160
LW-180 18" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-180
LW-200 20" x 10' CPVC Labwaste Pipe, LW-200


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