Spears Pipe

Buy Spears® pipe for sale online at low prices, with wholesale discounts and contractor pricing available. Spears Manufacturing® has been a leader in the industry for over 40 years with quality pipe products to match their years of experience and renown. Spears® brand pipe products are backed by the manufacturer’s decades of expertise in the fabrication of plastic pipe, fittings and components. Spears® pipe offers durability, performance and a quality guarantee in the engineering, materials and standards involved in the manufacture of their long lasting and reliable piping products. This manufacturer provides basic and specialty type plastic pipe intended to meet and exceed the demands of traditional plumbing applications and non traditional scenarios that require a unique piping solution to handle the fluids that will be carried by the pipe. Available Spears® pipe products include standard PVC pipe in schedule 40 and schedule 80, CPVC pipe in schedule 80, Spears® EverTUFF CTS (copper tube size) pipe designed as a metal pipe alternative, Spears® LabWaste Pipe specialized for handling corrosive / chemical type wastes, Spears® FlameGuard CPVC pipe made for fire sprinkler systems, and Spears® Low Extractable pipe engineered for use in high purity, low TOC applications such as ultra pure water.