Spears Low Extractable Pipe

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Spears® Manufacturing Company Low Extractable PVC pipe engineered for reliable, certified performance handling of ultra pure water (UPW) plumbing systems and applications. Spears® Low Extractable pipe is designed to provide extremely low leaching of pipe materials and contamination of media within deionized, distilled, high purity and reverse osmosis water use. Low Extractable PVC has been tested for dynamic and static leaching results under 18.2 megaohm using semiconductor grade purity water. Test results for Low Extractable PVC pipe report desirably low counts of extractable contaminants, anions, cations, total oxidizable carbon (TOC) and trace metals ideal for UPW use. Results are comparable to other high purity thermoplastics like natural polypropylene and PVDF and satisfy the requirements of national toxicology standards for use in high purity scenarios. This pipe type also offers superior chemical resistance including against often problematic chemicals such as disinfectants, ozone and peroxide compounds. This pipe is not suitable for handling esters, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Low Extractable PVC pipe has several key features that contribute to its ability to handle ultrapure water and integrate into high purity scenarios. Spears® Low Extractable is certified compatible for use with UPW with reduced leachable contamination. Low Extractable pipe has ultra smooth internal pipe walls that significantly reduce the ability for microorganism growth, biofilm production and/or particulate generation. Low Extractable PVC is a cost effective alternative versus other pipe materials that are frequently used to handle UPW, such as PVDF. Low Extractable PVC is easier to install, which further contributes to potential cost savings without compromising water quality. Spears® Low Extractable PVC pipe is approved and ideal for use in electronics manufacture, semiconductor production, biotechnology, research laboratories, universities, commercial laboratory facilities, hospitals and medical institutions, industrial plants and forensic investigation laboratories for federal and state.

Spears® Low Extractable PVC is made from a special formulation, non contaminating PVC resin according to ASTM D1785 by a 9001 ISO certified manufacturing facility. Pipe material is NSF 61 certified and FDA Title 21 approved for use in food grade, consumable type applications. Low Extractable piping maintains a Type II pressure rating. Max pressure ratings range from 420 PSI to 140 PSI at 73°F for dimensions from ½” to 6”, respectively. Low Extractable PVC is rated for service temperatures between 32f to 140F, comparable to conventional PVC material. Other advantageous physical properties of Low Extractable PVC are similar to those offered by conventional PVC. Low Extractable PVC pipe is not engineered for outdoor use. Pipe material is susceptible to damage from extended ultraviolet radiation exposure.

Spears® Low Extractable PVC pipe is available in Schedule 80 nominal Iron Pipe Size (IPS) dimensions. Pipe comes in ½” diameter up to 6” sizes. Pipe sections are sold in 15’ lengths. Low Extractable PVC pipe is translucent blue in color that aids in the monitoring the integrity of pipe connections. Low Extractable pipe is recommended for solvent weld installation using UPW formulated one step solvent cement designed for short cure times and very low contamination risk.



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Schedule 80 PVC Low Extractable Pipe

  Part # Description
LXT-005 1/2" x 15' Schedule 80 PVC Low Extractable Pipe, LXT-005
LXT-007 3/4" x 15' Schedule 80 PVC Low Extractable Pipe, LXT-007
LXT-010 1" x 15' Schedule 80 PVC Low Extractable Pipe, LXT-010
LXT-012 1-1/4" x 15' Schedule 80 PVC Low Extractable Pipe, LXT-012
LXT-015 1-1/2" x 15' Schedule 80 PVC Low Extractable Pipe, LXT-015
LXT-020 2" x 15' Schedule 80 PVC Low Extractable Pipe, LXT-020
LXT-030 3" x 15' Schedule 80 PVC Low Extractable Pipe, LXT-030
LXT-040 4" x 15' Schedule 80 PVC Low Extractable Pipe, LXT-040
LXT-060 6" x 15' Schedule 80 PVC Low Extractable Pipe, LXT-060


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