Chemical Resistance Chart for PVC, CPVC, PVDF Pipe & Fittings

General Chemical Resistance Table for PVC, CPVC, PVDF Materials

The following is a general chemical resistance chart for PVC, CPVC and PVDF pipe and fittings compatibility with the major chemical family groups. It should be used as reference only to serve as an aid in product selection. It is not intended as an inclusive, definitive resource and is believed to be accurate due to professional testing, reports and data. This chart is offered without any warranty of merchantability or fitness of product for a particular purpose. It is the responsibility of the plumbing installer, owner or site engineer to verify the full extent of material and chemical suitability for the work case scenario. The most suitable plumbing material will depend on the detailed specifics of the individual application. The following resistance table is presented based on plumbing tests at 70°F and with unpressurized fluids. Actual service conditions are known to affect chemical resistance and compatibility. Reported compatibility grades may not be applicable to systems under pressure or with elevated temperatures. Chemicals that do not normally affect the integrity of thermoplastics may cause entirely different effects when under constant or repetitive thermal and/or mechanical stress. If possible, actual testing that replicates the exact use conditions is recommended for verifying pipe material and chemical compatibility. For assistance in product selection for chemical application use, reach out to our experienced team of professionals. We are available by phone, email or chat lines.

Aliphatic Solvents A C B F B
Aromatic Solvents A D D F B
Chlorinated Solvents A B A F B
Esters & Ketones D D C D C
Halogens A C C F C
Strong Acids A C B C B
Strong Bases D C B A D
Strong Oxidants A C B F D
Weak Acids A B A B A
Weak Bases & Salts A A A A B

PVDF = Polyvinylidene Fluoride A = Excellent; Inert
PVC = Polyvinyl Chloride B = Good; Slight Attack
CPVC = Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride C = Fair; Mild Attack
PP = Polypropylene D = Poor; Attacked; Softened; Swollen
GFRP = Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester F = Unacceptable; Severe Attack; Deteriorated


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