Hayward Injection Valves

Hayward® Injection Valves and Injection Quills are needle-like components for plumbing equipment systems used to safely and precisely administer application media and fluids. The available Hayward® IV Series injection valves and IQ Series injection quills are commonly used for injecting, dosing, transfer, mixing and processing scenarios. They are engineered to promote quick, thorough mixture of application chemicals while limiting or preventing corrosion of sensitive plumbing components such as tank walls, pipes or chambers. Hayward® injection valves and injection quills frequently see use in chemical dosing, system chlorination, media transferring and batch product processing. Example applications include water purification, wastewater treatment, petrochemical processing, chemical synthesis, food ingredient handling and industrial manufacturing. The Hayward® injection valve and quill have been engineered for superior durability to provide reliable performance across demanding industrial and municipal services.

Both the IQ Series injection quill and the IV Series injection valve come with built-in ball check valves designed to restrict media flow in one direction only. The built-in check valve is made with a Hastelloy C™ metal spring engineered for chemical resistance and aid in forming a tight seal. With these components, injection material is allowed to pass through for administering but material on the other side of the needle is prohibited from reversing and interacting with the media in the plumbing of the feed / dosing system. The IV Series injection valve model also features a union joint that allows the internal ball check valve to be rebuilt as needed. The Hayward injection valve and quill product features a 45° flat bevel at the quill tip designed to maximize clean, efficient transfers.

Hayward® injection valves and injection quills are available made from either PVC, CPVC or PVDF. They are manufactured in facilities using materials and technology that meet or exceed ASTM and ISO industry standards. Maximum operating temperature depends on the select injection valve material type: up to 140°F for PVC, 200°F for CPVC and up to 284°F for PVDF.  All injection valves / quills are rated for pressure systems up to 150 PSI at 70°F. Component hook-up connections are MNPT style and available in either BSPT or socket end connections designed to promote secure, leak-proof joints. All injection valves and quills come with either FPM or EPDM material o-ring seals.

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